lundi 13 octobre 2014

Retread, Recap, Rimorudo-Rigurubu

Aircraft tire is reused several times to re-cover the side walls tread of the used tire. In addition, on the bus and heavy-duty trucks, the reproduction tire is often used with the rear wheels. Think about transportation costs and compress the maintenance costs of tire-related and especially for a business who are having a large number of models, such as tire manufacturers. It's involved in a coordinated manner as a way to meet the demand, from new tires plan for the disposal of the exchange to retread, repair and planned regeneration of the tire are presented.

There is a new evil is not sold for tire manufacturers, but it is keeping the profits and encourage the use of recycled tires in a manner that exceeds that. The tire products as a starting point to maintain the cycle, and expects to be played processed exists. Use of recycled tire than an effective means to reduce waste, it is advantageous along with the cost savings, so can suppress corporate activities and environmental damage as a user. May affect the steering performance because it still be in the same shape as a new one is difficult, playback tires to the front wheels is not recommended.

Reuse rate of passenger cars in general very low. It is the main cause of problems and cost, the structure of the tire is not suitable for playback. Ensuring safety is difficult there is almost no room for processing tires for passenger cars is thin compared to the tires of heavy trucks and buses, as well as processed, if at all. It does not allow the reproduction of the passenger car tire tire manufacturers (to sliding the rear wheel in the case of performing the drift, which it may wear Recap dare is very dangerous). In addition, the pattern of when you reupholster the tread, from the relationship of the design right, be given a pattern similar to that of the new one is required to license the tire manufacturer is the right person, playback is not possible to simplistic.